Our production team specialises in design and copywriting, digital content and video.

Our planning team can then distribute this content across a variety of relevant media platforms.


Director and Founder is music and art lover, Media Week and Lovie Award winner Nick Agha. He is also Founder of Dont Panic, world renowned non traditional marketing agency and viral content specialists.

Over the last decade Nick is recognised as being instrumental in key changes to media, from outdoor, non traditional and guerilla advertising to free press having launched the Dont Panic Packs to digital crowd sourcing and viral marketing. All this achieved by building personal relationships with London retail and leisure arts and culture brands. He is also commercial director of Graffiti Kings.

As you would expect, this ethic and mission of personal relationships is at the core of the Under Cover agency continuing a close relationship between branding and brand communications and cutting edge arts and culture. The aim from the growing expert team is to help create and develop your brand to speak directly to your consumer. We believe that any brand new or established, edgy or traditional brand needs to have a stand out aesthetic and voice moulded from the protagonists of creative culture.

In an age where audiences are constantly inundated with messages, we focus on creating authentic and inspiring creative content that cuts through the noise. This way people are not only compelled to engage — but to share their experiences with others.

This is achieved by taking a strategic, cost-effective and collaborative approach to deliver brand awareness, loyalty and profitable results.