Undercover Arts is a creative production company with a focus on viral content and social video.

We are a unique collective of artists, event planners and creative builders working alongside digital marketing experts with a deep-rooted passion for innovation and many successful years and awards in brand communications, art and technology.

Each of our backgrounds lies in the successful creation of bespoke creative events, large scale installations for public and private sector brands as well as quality viral video content.

Together our skills lie in our ability to bring the wildest imaginative ideas to life, creating and developing awe-inspiring integrated experiences that grab attention and bring about conversation that lasts.


As well as being passionate about creative innovation and unconventional methods that cut through traditional forms of advertising we believe in arts for social change. Our wow factor ideas explore the role of arts and imagination in creating new connections between people and where they live that strengthen participation in community life.

In this way we deliver high quality arts experiences that attract a diverse mix of people and support an inclusive community both in the physical and digital space.


Our multidisciplinary production team specialises in ground breaking large scale design and production.


We create memorable brand experiences in retail and consumer environments using cutting edge art, music, science and technology.


Our well connected planning team then organises the distribution of in-house produced highly shareable content.

Our engagement and global reach online is huge and relevant with posts regularly going viral.

Our Clients